Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Traveler Tips 2.0

You know what the airport is great for? People-watching. During my layover this morning, I noticed that while the majority of the general population is at least somewhat overweight, the exception to that seems to be the business traveler. How do these road warriors stay fit while surrounded by (overpriced…grrrrr) airport food and all the temptations that come with life up in the air? 

Last year, I began traveling more for work and did a blog post about ways to stay fit on the road. Since then, I have continued to learn from some of my colleagues and want to share what I’ve learned with you. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Manning, fitness and living healthy enthusiast. Together, we have come up with our Traveler Tips 2.0. *For more from Mike, check out his blog!

1. Do your homework Mike used Gogobot to compare hotels for a recent trip to Maui. If you have flexibility in your hotel selection, try to find one with a fitness center, pool, or even fitness classes. No fitness center onsite? Try calling. Many hotels partner with a local gym to provide their guests access. If you are a member of a corporate/franchised gym, see if there are locations where you are going.

2. Earn your vacation It’s officially race season, and there are 5k/10k/half marathon races in almost any popular vacation destination. Adventure races, triathlons, and team relay races are also growing in popularity. Consider booking a vacation around one of these events. Many events are family-friendly as well, with special children’s races. As a race participant, you may be eligible for deals on your hotel or excursions. Indulge in that special vacation food guilt-free! May I recommend DisneyWorld?? Find races in any location here.

3. Make it a fitness retreat Getting bored with your workout? A vacation can be a great time to try something completely different or rekindle your love for an activity by trying it in a different way or new location. “Fitness retreats” are growing in popularity. Check out a few recommendations here.

4. Relieve stress Let's be honest - sometimes vacation can be just as stressful as a business trip. Making time to work up a sweat will help lower stress levels and boost energy, which will allow you to make the most of your time away from home.

5. Take it with you No, you can’t put a set of dumbbells in your suitcase, but many fitness programs/accessories are completely mobile! 
  • Resistance Tube - This little gem can be used for a great total-body resistance-training workout! Check YouTube for examples of ways to use your resistance band or tube and to be sure you are doing so safely. 
  • TRX system - This is Mike's personal favorite travel accessory. Work out from the comfort and privacy of your own room! 
  • Your favorite fitness DVD - May I recommend the BRAND NEW Shaun T program, Focus T25? All workouts are only 25 minutes! 
  • Smartphone apps - Stay on track on the road. I particularly love MapMyRun to find the perfect route, no matter where I am and MyFitnessPal to help track my calorie intake. For a little family challenge, download a free pedometer app to see who takes the most steps during a day of sightseeing!

      Just remember - you spent too much time and energy getting into shape for a vacation to throw it all away once you get there!