Saturday, February 9, 2013

Those who can't

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I planned on becoming a high school math teacher. In the words of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, math is "the same in every language." It's objective. It's black and white. There is one right way to get the right answer.

It seemed obvious. I liked teaching, I liked math, I liked teaching math. But when I got into student teaching, it just didn't fit. Why? Because I didn't want to convince people to like (or want to learn) math. I wanted to teach people who wanted to be there. In case you don't remember high school, there's somewhat of a shortage of teenagers who are excited about math.

Fortunately, I've found an outlet for my love of teaching. Turns out, I'm passionate about more than math. Anyone who has experienced first-hand the pain of losing a friend or family member, especially at a young age, would tell you they would do anything to have that person back. In the startling reality of our country's obesity epidemic, I see a LOT of very young people in danger of losing their mother or father, sister, brother or best friend because of something that is almost always preventable and reversible. I may never be able to bring back anyone I've lost, but if there is even one person I can help save from an early death, that's one less person who will have to celebrate life's milestones without the ones they love the most.

This passion for fitness is why I became a fitness instructor almost 2 years ago, and it's the same reason I have recently joined Team Beachbody as an online coach. Anyone on a personal fitness journey is there because they want to be, or in some cases, they need to be. But where to start? There are THOUSANDS of health/fitness products/services available. Which ones work? The good news is that most of them work, if you stick with them. The key is finding that program that is right for you. It has to be appropriate for your fitness level and consistent with your interests, goals and lifestyle.

My personal fitness journey started as a child. I loved playing sports of all kinds. My neighbor Brian and I were convinced Sports Illustrated for Kids (or "SI for K" as we called it - yes, we were that cool) was going to feature us for playing the most different sports in one day. As a multi-sport athlete through college and into my fitness career today, I have experienced a LOT of different workouts. I've decided to dedicate this blog to reviews/information about many of these workouts. So, whether you're in a workout rut or you haven't worked out in years, I hope you will be inspired to try something new.

So stay tuned, and please let me know if there are certain workouts/programs you'd like to see featured here! Consider me your fitness guinea pig!

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