Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Start.

Just Do It. Nike's tagline has been a staple for as long as many of us can remember. I actually really like this slogan and its application to fitness. It cuts through all the crap, all the excuses. "I'm tired," "I'm not coordinated," "I don't have time." Nike challenges us to forget all the things telling us we can't and just do it. But what do you do when "it" seems insurmountable? Or you don't even know what "it" is? I'd like to amend that slogan for anyone who struggles with any excuse for not working out. 

My slogan: Just Start.

Last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and work out with Shaun Thompson. You know him as "Shaun T" from Insanity...or maybe you recognize his face abs.

The event was part of a Team Beachbody training where I also got to meet some other inspiring people.

First I met Doris. I would guess Doris is in her late-40s. She purchased Shaun's program, Hip Hop Abs, several years ago. Like so many in-home fitness programs, it sat on a shelf, lonely and unopened. One day last year, Doris found herself overweight and unhappy, and she decided she had to do something. Just start something. She popped in her Hip Hop Abs DVD and just started. Then the next day, she started again. Now, a year (and 129 lbs later), she is still going and happier than ever! She ignored those voices in her head telling her she was too big or uncoordinated to do the dance moves, and she went for it anyway. 

Then just before Shaun came out, the group was introduced to Jeannie. A 2nd-time mom, Jeannie fell into an innocent habit of napping on the couch holding her newborn. Then napping turned into napping/snacking. After several months of this, Jeannie was trapped in a vicious cycle of Exhaustion-Napping-Snacking-Depression-More Exhaustion-More Napping...AAAAHHHHH! Jeannie got fed up and fired up and ordered Insanity. She lost her baby weight (plus some) and her depression, but what she's most proud of is that she is setting an example for her children that physical activity is a normal part of everyday life. What a gift!

No matter where we are in our fitness journey, every single day, every workout, every meal, we all start again. We don't have to wait for a new year or for Monday. Ignore all the reasons not to, and just start

If you or anyone you know needs help just getting started, I encourage you to email me. I am sponsoring a Beachbody Challenge Group and would love to add some more people who are ready to commit to just start for as little as 30 days. Receive free online coaching and the opportunity to win cash prizes, while doing the fitness program of your choice (ALL fitness levels welcome). Adam and I will be doing Insanity!

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